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Things You Did Not Know About LED Lights

LED lights have in a way forced conventional light bulbs to take a back seat while they illuminate homes, offices and industries. Just like any invention, LED lights too have to go through a lot of brick batting and they have many myths attached to them. Through this write up, we would like to give a rest to these fiction stories and highlight pros of using LED lights that you did not know.  

  1. LED bulbs are 6-7 times efficient than conventional incandescent lights. They reduce energy usage by more than 80 percent.
  2. LED lights have an average life of 25,000 hours that means they are designed to last 25 times more than traditional bulbs.
  3. There is a little waste of energy unlike bulbs that release a lot of their energy in the form of heat.
  4. They are compact and customizable, hence they find their application in a wide variety of fields like traffic lights, TVs, displays etc. The lights demand low maintenance and they are resistant to mild damages.
  5. LED lights do not have mercury. A recent research showed that LEDs pose little or no threat to environment.
  6. Another good thing about LED lights is that they emit zero UVs. The illumination has very little infrared light and almost no UV emissions. This property makes them good not only for light sensitive products but UV reactive objects in museums and archaeological sites etc.
  7. LED lights work efficiently in extreme hot and cold temperatures. While fluorescent lamps may break down in low temperature conditions.
  8. They lighten up immediately when switched on. If this was not the case, they would have never found a place in infrastructure projects like tragic signal lights. Contrary to this, traditional lights take some time for full luminance. LED lights can be frequently switched on and off & they will give you the same brightness every time.
  9. The best thing about LED lights is that they can operate in low voltage. They give full illumination even in low voltage power supply.  

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