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Use of LED Lighting in Mining Industry

Mining is a crucial industry for Australian economy as it contributes approximately 5.6 percent to its GDP and employs nearly 2.2 percent of the total Australian workforce. However, digging out precious metals from beneath the earth's surface is a very daunting task. Therefore, miners work in difficult circumstances to earn a decent livelihood. One of the major difficulties faced by them includes absence of proper lighting. Workers first have to dig tunnels deep inside the earth, making way for themselves to work in these narrow lanes. To support mining industry, many lighting companies have come up with a range of light fixtures which makes their task simpler.

With the technological advancement, the modern mining industry use technical gadgets including safe and highly efficient mine lighting system. The key features of an advanced lighting system should be safety, durability and efficiency and long life span.  The said features are crucial to survive in the challenging environment of the modern mining industry.

The foremost requirement to work in such dangerous conditions is to safely illuminate the depths of a shaft mine, the expanses of an open pit-mine, and provide equipment mounted spotlights. Therefore, quarrying in these mines can lead to disastrous consequences such as underground explosion if due care is not taken. So, the lights must conform to the highest level of industry standards so that the workers' lives remain protected.

Since LED or light emitting diodes have become much popular these days because of the many apparent benefit it offers. They have replaced the traditional lights which consisted harmful gases such as neon and halogens. Longevity, better efficiency, power saving, environment friendly are some of its many benefits which LEDs can offer. So, the leading lighting companies supply these light fixtures which has excellent illumination, precision in make and design and are light weight. The lights are so designed which can resist explosions, i.e. , they should be explosion proof as these extreme environments are heavily prone to explosions. Therefore, it is advisable to all mining and quarrying companies to use the best light fittings. Visit Industralight to download the complete catalogue of LED lighting for mining.

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